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Attention Coaches, if you intend on coaching and if you have not done so already, please email the coach administrator from our contact form by selecting the Coach Information selection, and tell me what division you want to coach this season.

Second, we require that all coaches complete AYSO-sanctioned training this season. Much of this training can be completed online at

The first course to complete for all volunteers is called Safe Haven. It will take about 30-45 minutes to complete this course online, and is required of every volunteer (coach, assistant coach, team parent, etc.) You must be a currently registered and accepted volunteer, and you must know your AYSO ID number to complete this course. Please email me if you do not know your AYSO ID.

After completing Safe Haven, you must complete training for the division you will be coaching. The table below shows the training that you must complete depending on the division you will be coaching:

AYSO Training Requirements Graph

Although the U6, U8, and U10 training may be completed online, we strongly encourage you to attend a live session. The U12, intermediate, and advanced training must be completed at live training sessions.


The El Cajon AYSO Area is offering a comprehensive training session July 27-29 where they will offer live training on Safe Haven and all division-level courses. This is an excellent opportunity to complete all the training you need in one weekend. North Park AYSO will cover all registration fees. To register for these courses, log into, then choose the menu under “My eAYSO,” then select the link for course signup. From the course signup page, search for courses under Section 11, Area V. There you will find all these courses listed.

In addition to the courses in El Cajon, several other local Areas are offering training. You can sign up for theses courses through the same procedure described above


8/4/2012 – San Marcos

8/11/2012 – San Diego


8/4/2012 – San Marcos

8/11/2012 – San Diego


8/4/2012 – San Marcos

8/11/2012 – San Diego


7/14/2012 – San Marcos


7/27/2012 – Bonita

8/17/2012 – Bonita


7/20/2012 — Bonita

You only need to certify yourself at a particular division level once, and you will keep that certification. You are more than welcome to take refresher courses at any time if interested. Please email if you have any questions or need any help with registering for these courses.

Ben West
North Park AYSO Coach Administrator




U6 info for parents

U8 training videos

U6-U10 sample sessions

U10 and higher – individual training



Only Players registered and placed on your team are allowed to play on your team. Breaking this rule calls for immediate dismissal as a volunteer.

ONLY people registered with the league can participate in directly coaching the players or helping with practices. Parents may have the desire to help but are not allowed unless they are registered with the league. Please encourage them to do so if they would like to volunteer.

Before beginning any practice or game check out the condition of the field to make sure it is free of objects like sticks and rocks and is safe for play.

You must always have your player’s registration forms at all practices and games. No registrations forms—No Play. A player is not on your team until you have the official registration form.

Every player must have shin guards. No shin guards—No Play.

Report all injuries to the league safety coordinator.

Each player should have the correct shoes or cleats. Encourage the parents to invest in a good set of cleats. Remind them to purchase only Soccer cleats (soccer cleats don’t have the front cleat on the toe).

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