2/23/2015 – Section 11 All-Star Tournament Results!!!

A quick update for you on the outcome of the Section 11 all-star tournament in Garden this past weekend.  NP AYSO produced three medal winners out of our five teams:
U14B (coached to Julio Hernandez and Joel Sevilla) took FIRST place in their division, surviving a ferocious onslaught from Garden Grove in the final quarter of the title game.  Their goalie, Arnold Hafner, made two saves near the end of the game that reminded me of Tim Howard against Belgium last summer.
U10B (coached by Jesus Flores) took SECOND place in their division, losing 1-4 in the title game to a team from Pico Rivera.  The game was a tight 1-2 match-up until the fourth quarter when a phenomenal player from PR tapped his inner Messi.
U10G (coached by Toni and Chhem Young-Pen) took FOURTH place in their division losing 0-1 against Spring Valley.  It was great watching the next generation of girls get a taste of high level competition.
Our U14G (coached by Aldo Estrada) and U12G (coached by Toni and Chhem Young-Pen) teams fought hard, but, alas, were unable to advance out of pool play for the Sunday medal-round games.  
Complete Results can be found here: http://scores.aysosection11.com/15/allstars/
Our 14B team now advances to the Western States Championship tournament on March 21-22 in Lake Forest where they will play against the winning teams from the rest of California as well as Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.
- NP AYSO Regional Board



Why AYSO and Why Soccer

AYSO is child-first and child focused. We are a soccer organization with happy, healthy kids as our passion.

Every decision, every rule and every program has “what’s good for kids” as its basis. Every girl and boy stepping on a soccer field for the first time can have fun. AYSO’s child-first approach also makes it one of the finest player development programs. Everybody likes to win, but developing successful players and people is what’s fundamental in AYSO.

You can set a soccer ball down on any corner in the world and have friends. It is a global sport that Americans have embraced in record numbers… because it’s fun even with a beginner’s skill. It’s also a game you can play and enjoy for the rest of your life (U-5 soccer is one of the fastest growing levels in the U.S.!)

With children’s natural joy in running and kicking, soccer builds on these two skills and adds in techniques to control the ball and work as a team. It also encourages creative decision making and strategic thinking. And it’s a fast game that keeps each player moving the entire time. In AYSO there’s no spending the game on the bench!

AYSO has age appropriate small-sided games. A full size soccer team has 11 players on the field. But smaller-sided teams for younger children allow more touches on the ball and a more successful soccer learning environment.

AYSO small-sided games emulate classic “street soccer” where children of many skill levels choose up teams and play together for a fun neighborhood game. This is a similar environment to where many of the greatest soccer players in the world developed their skills. Small-sided games continue as excellent development.



How AYSO Works

Local programs supported by geographic areas all functioning together to make the best possible youth soccer program for your community!

Regions: The local community soccer programs and the most important part of AYSO. Where kids, coaches, and parents smile and have the most fun… by playing AYSO soccer on their neighborhood fields!

Areas: Comprised of multiple Regions, AYSO has close to 100 Areas nationwide. Area Directors are trained to create staffs that support and mentor each of its Regions.

Sections: Comprised of multiple Areas, AYSO has 14 Sections nationwide. Sections provide volunteer training and support at the highest level to all of its local Areas and Regions.

Special Directors: The chairpersons of AYSO’s Referee, Coaching, Management and Tournament National Advisory Commissions help provide discipline specific advice to the National Board of Directors and the National President.

National Board of Directors: Eleven elected volunteers, plus two independent board members who are appointed, are the leaders of the largest single nonprofit youth sports organization in the United States of America!

National Support & Training Center (NSTC): Home to AYSO’s national staff, the NSTC hosts training, offers professional assistance, organizational tools and support to every volunteer at all levels of the organization!


AYSO’s Mission & Vision

To Be The Nationally Recognized Youth Soccer Program Of Choice
AYSO’s Vision is to provide world class youth soccer programs that enrich children’s lives.

AYSO’s Mission is to develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs which promote a fun, family environment based on AYSO’s Six Philosophies:

  • Everyone Plays ®
  • Balanced Teams
  • Open Registration
  • Positive Coaching
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Player Development

The mission is accomplished by providing these essential services:

  • Coaching and referee programs including quality delivery systems
  • Quality administrative and operating systems with a support network
  • Strong financial position
  • Special network for volunteers, supported by a national staff
  • Program research and development